Online Registration

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Registering is simple and fast, and provides the following benefits:

oSave a draft of your application and resume entry at a later time
oView a list of all the applications you have submitted, as well as all of your approved Liquor Licenses.
oMonitor the status of your application after it has been submitted



To register, the following information is required:


Email: your email address is required to complete your registration, as you will need to activate your account through a link sent to your email address.  Your email address will also be used to log you into the system, as well as to contact you if we have any questions about any of your submitted license applications.

NOTE: Your email address will NOT be used for solicitation purposes, and it will not be sold to third-parties.

Password: a password must be entered.  It must be at least eight (8) characters in length, and contain at least one (1) letter and one (1) number.


First and Last Name: please enter your name so that we can identify who is submitting the application.
Phone Number: a phone number is required in case we need to contact you regarding your application.

NOTE: Your phone number will NOT be used for solicitation purposes, and it will not be sold to third-parties.


Security Question and Answer: please select a security question and provide an answer.  This combination will be used in case you forget your password - the answer will be required in order to reset your password.


Code: please enter the code shown in the image.  The purpose of this code is to prevent automated spammers from submitting thousands of invalid applications.

NOTE: if you are unsure of the characters in the code, press the Speaker button to hear the letters spoken on your computer speakers.



Press the FinishRegButton button once you have completed entering all of the required information, and you will be navigated to a confirmation screen: